Together we can make a difference in someone�s life by joining this journey, and selecting one of The Nat King Cole Society�s Clubs.

Nat King Cole Honor Roll Member
With a donation of $5,000 or more you will become a member of the Nat King Cole Society�s Honor Roll.

Ebony & Ivory
Ebony & Ivory is a group working to promote diversity and racial harmony through Nat King Cole�s music.

Friends of the Nat King Cole Society
The Friends of Nat King Cole Society are dedicated to supporting the music, life and attitude of Nat King Cole.

Kids & Music
Kids & Music collects used instruments for a depository to provide underpriviledged kids with musical instruments. This group helps to fund musical arts programs in schools. It also provides every public high school in Montgomery with one $500 scholarship to a student moving on to attend college.

Seniors Music
Working to keep the connection with the nostalgia and memories of people who grew up with Nat King Cole�s music and legacy. Annual Senior Citizens luncheon March 17, St. Patrick�s Day, in honor of Nat King Cole�s birthday.

World Music Lovers
World Music Lovers are continuing to bring different cultures from all over the world, together through Nat King Cole�s music, which he recorded in several different languages.